Who Makes It Happen?

The days when the artist relied on the gallery to promote and commission their works has changed. Social media has opened the doors on the accessibility of art and created an environment where art in all its form can be found at the touch of a button. But has it changed the power of the institutions and super galleries in determining the success or failure of an artist, does that power now actually sit in the hands of the public audience, or are there are other powers that have stepped into the frame to subtly control the award of fame and success.

In my journey through social media I have been overwhelmed by the talent that is exposed so in homage to that journey I would like to highlight a few talents that it has been my delight to be introduced to.

A young artist with an eye for detail and a talent with the pen is Daniel Hosego. Based in London Daniel creates intricately hand drawn compositions that elude to renaissance artists such as Durer. If this work was not powerful enough he then transforms these drawings through the silk screen process and creates incredible compositions that pay homage to modern pop culture. Daniels work has the power to place a foot in both the classical and the contemporary art market.

I fell in love with images by Tank Petrol the moment I saw them. A Polish street artist now based in Manchester, he produces highly detailed street art pieces that in their way are reminiscent of religious iconry. His work is gloriously understated and beautiful to behold.

Julie Kuyaths is an artist whose work draws on the want within us for fairy-tale and curiosity. Her intricate collages are inspired by mythology and folklore and visually create an almost painted surface that draws you into the multi layered collage construction. Her work is sublimely decorative and constantly intriguing.

I love the work of Urban Solid a street art duo from Italy who procure unused walls to present their 3 dimensional work. With their inspiration generated from society’s contradictions and paranoia their quirky and magnificent installations are designed to initiate reaction from those that accidentally come into contact with the sculptures. Great art and there is method in the madness.