Phil Davison - Hoard Gallery Sandgate

Phil Davison

An example of the morphing of cultures and creativity Phil Davison is the Urban Cross Stitcher. To accurately render and mimic in cross-stitch the original technique that inspired its conception demands a high level of precision. It is exactly this dedication to precision, acquired over a decade of working in couture fashion, which drives his evolution of the craft into the realm of fine art.

Davison is really inspired by image reproduction techniques; focusing on a configuration, be it in photography or a printing process. Phil attempts to see if, and how, it can be recreated in cross-stitch. This is a challenge in itself, as cross-stitch is constructed using a very meticulous method, which involves its own set of unique constraints. But it is exactly these challenges that push his work forward.

Some of Davison’s pieces can take up to 8 months of hand stitching to complete. Davison’s work has taken cross stitch to a new level and a new audience with his work now residing with collectors across the globe.

A Selection Of Work Available At The HOARD Gallery

The following images may contain elements that are not suitable for some audiences. Viewers discretion is advised.