Peter Hince

Photographer Peter Hince is known for his intimate, reportage style images of rock band Queen, who he worked full time for during the 70s & 80s as head of their road crew. Following Queen’s final tour in 1986, Hince turned his hobby into a successful career as an advertising photographer, specialising in people on location for world-wide clients and winning various industry awards.

His personal black and white underwater work of the 1990s received critical acclaim, awards and was exhibited across the globe. Peter’s recent exhibition revisits his unique archive of Queen photographs, which was shown in galleries in London, Australia and Italy. Selected pieces of Peters work are available exclusively through The Hoard Gallery. Latterly, Peter has turned to his earliest passion of writing, and his memoir, Queen Unseen, published in 2011 book features many Queen images.

London based Peter Hince continues to work as a photographer and writer, specialising in comedy scripts and screenplays.

A Selection Of Work Available At The HOARD Gallery

The following images may contain elements that are not suitable for some audiences. Viewers discretion is advised.