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Anthony Crammen

Anthony Crammen is an upcoming, practicing artist based in the North East of England. On graduating from De Montfort University, Leicester (2010-2013) his work developed into ‘process based art’, creating various unique ways to construct, colour and manipulate certain materials into abstract shapes and forms. Inspired by the mundane, and materials referring to this, his surroundings, nature, science and space and challenged by a personal obsession for perfection, his work accumulates a mass of smaller objects and brings them together to create one larger object. Colour also plays an important role within his practice, using it as a tool to lure and attract a viewer towards the work and then reverse this initial aesthetic with a juxtaposing concept or image.

Crammen continues to exhibit his work in various shows around the nation, including Durham, Glasgow and London. His work is held in private collections worldwide including the UK, Australia, Mexico and the USA

A Selection Of Work Available At The HOARD Gallery

The following images may contain elements that are not suitable for some audiences. Viewers discretion is advised.