Amanda and Björn Sjöling - Hoard Gallery Sandgate

Amanda and Björn Sjöling

Amanda and Björn Sjöling are partners in life and art. Living and working together in Poole, Dorset they collaborate to create their bronze sculptures which showcase the hidden beauty of the human skeleton.

Björn is fascinated by mechanics and possesses an enviable aptitude for understanding and manipulating complex design problems and is naturally drawn to the hidden workings of the human skeletal system.

Amanda has long been enchanted by the beauty of the natural world, osteology being of particular interest. She has a fascination for the human body, namely its role as an organism for living and especially as a vessel of expression.

Bones were a natural starting point for their sculptures, integrating their individual passions in the mechanical, anatomical and creative domains.

A Selection Of Work Available At The HOARD Gallery

The following images may contain elements that are not suitable for some audiences. Viewers discretion is advised.