The Album Cover

For all the art forms in all their glory there is only one for me that stands alone in its ability to entice me, delight me, remind me, persuade me, excite me and enfold me. With one look I at it I am 16 again racing my way into town, my over excited mind crazy at the thought of getting it home and basking in its wonder. Its magic stands the test of time and its wonder does not fade. The album cover is for me one of the most under rated yet most joyously accessible forms of art that exists. Of course it was all about the music and yet the album cover became pivotal it defining the music. For those of us born in the vinyl era the album cover was our art, not one hung in a gallery, or in an institution to be revered but out of reach, but there in our hands and in our ears making memories that were completely adhered to those cardboard covers.

For some, the names behind the covers have become as synonymous with greatness as the artists themselves. Brian Duffy’s Photography for David Bowies” Aladdin Sane”, Storm Thorgersons work for Pink Floyd, Pennie Smiths photographic masterpiece for the Clashs “London Calling”, Roger Deans enduring work for Yes,  Aubrey Powells (Hipgnosis) work for Led Zepplins” Houses of the Holy” and 10cc’s “Deceptive Bends”, Guy Peellaerts imagery for David Bowies “Diamond Dogs” to name but a few. It isn’t work that will hang alongside the Mona Lisa but it will endure and take its rightful place in our hearts and minds as work that truly touched us. The revival of vinyl hopefully will give the next generation to opportunity to not only sample great music but also touch great design and truly terrific art.